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Join Date May 3rd, 2009
Gender Female
Birthday August 29th, 1998

C1nder joined darkSpyro forums in 2009. She believes to have joined because she was looking for information on the upcoming Legend of Spyro movie, and she later found a link to darkSpyro. She thought the forum looked nice enough and created an account of her own.

C1nder finds her history to have been relatively calm with nothing really exciting going on. She gradually gained experience as she moved up the ranks, such as how to act correctly in a forum. She believes that she hasn’t really done anything to be involved in big commotions and she admits that she has gotten quieter over time.

C1nder has gained a few close friends here, which she never expected as she thought her relationships with people here would be weak because it would be over the internet. She finds that she feels as close to her friends as she would if she knew them offline.

She likes to think of darkSpyro as her second home. She spends her time on the forum talking to her friends and checking out what’s the biggest thing on darkSpyro at the moment. She thinks that newer users can be an annoyance from time to time, but she later reminds herself that she once used to be just like them. My best friend in the whole world19:43, August 16, 2013 (UTC)