Crystal Dragon
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Join Date January 22nd, 2009
User Rank Emerald Sparx
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Gender Female
Birthday September 26th, 1996

Crystal Dragon first found darkSpyro while looking for Spyro the Dragon walkthroughs, back in early 2009. She was excited about the forum part of the site, being a young kid at the time and going through an isolated phase. She created an account days later to join in on the discussions.

In 2009, Crystal Dragon mostly kept to herself. After a couple of months of semi-activity she first started to try her hand at roleplaying and forum games on the forum, the original "Get That Page/Top!" game being the one which eventually defined her future as an active user of darkSpyro. Crystal Dragon was an avid roleplayer for a brief period of time, an enthusiasm which faded eventually along with forum RPs losing their variety. What also made Crystal Dragon lose her interest in roleplaying was some users', later on dubbed "RP breakers", exhibiting a habit of bringing inappropriate and unwanted posting behavior into roleplays. This lead to many topics related to the matter being riddled with arguments, all of which were eventually closed. Crystal Dragon also remembers having multiple arguments with the now banned user ElectricDragons relating to the subject of imitating moderators, and for flaming the user black dragon.

In 2011, Crystal Dragon witnessed several of her friends dropping out of their former activity. These friends included Adria, Carmelita Fox, Coocie2 and Wild. This eventually lead to her losing interest in the site, and becoming more of a "background user". Still, she claims to be attached to the site, and has no intentions of leaving for the time being.

Crystal Dragon thinks of darkSpyro as a great site for finding friends, meeting people from different cultures and countries, discussing favorite games/shows and the like. She finds that the forum currently has some problems with users fighting with each other. With the help of moderators, Crystal Dragon hopes that the site would become as calm as it was a couple of years ago. She went back into inactivity weeks later, and rarely posts on the forums.

Outside of darkSpyro, she is a fan of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Gundam Unicorn and Castlevania, among other franchises. Her avatars on darkSpyro are mostly from these, more often than not being of Gundams. Currently her favorite show is the crime show White Collar.