User ID 13302
Join Date June 29th, 2012
Gender Female
Birthday December 12th, 1997

Crystalhero37 first wanted to join darkSpyro so she could discuss Skylanders and Spyro with other users. At first she was looking for info about a new Spyro game for 2011. She then stumbled across a topic about “Spyro's kindom” and how it had leaked documents, art and a clay or 3D model of an adult Spyro. She started checking the forum since then.

She tried to join around March 2012, but had some trouble with her account activation, as she didn't at first realize the email was in her junk folder. She then officially joined in June.

Crystalhero37 was very nervous when she first joined. She got scared with every post she made, as darkSpyro was her first experience with any internet forums. She always checked her posts before posting then, and read the rules multiple times over because she was afraid that she would get hated for not reading the rules. She also tried her best to avoid any embarrassment. She would always post in the Skylander section, but over time she also introduced herself to the Stuff and Nonsense board.

As she became more active in Stuff and Nonsense, she ended up making many new friends, and became extremely well liked, going through dilemmas, and getting herself into topics she wishes she wouldn't have had to bother with.

She finds that she didn't do anything wrong, but she believes she made herself look bad. She then left Stuff and Nonsense for about a month and remained active in the Forum Games board, in which she made many friends in. She then returned to Stuff and Nonsense, and has stuck there for the time being. Crystalhero37 never expected to make so many friends in darkSpyro. She thought she’d just visit every so often, but now she finds that she spends most of her free time on the forums.

She’s also happy to see that she has gotten rid of her fears with using internet forums. Crystalhero37 finds darkSpyro to be on its way of becoming a good forum, even if she finds it to be great already. She believes Moderators will make it even better as darkSpyro is a very popular site.

She admits that darkSpyro can be a dramatic place at times, but she’s aware of those who try to help others, seize the drama, and help you learn how to properly react in such circumstances.

Currently she is in a relationship with TorchSheep, ever since Christmas Eve 2013. They finally met each other in early 2015. Where they made out a lot.