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Eruptshake137 has been lurking on the forum since the big Swap Force reveal of June 7th. He only lurked on the Skylanders Sections and the Swap Force game page. He had many attempts to an account, but most of them he couldn't figure out. He likes Eruptor and Rattle Shake.

His StartEdit

He finally got an account on December 8, 2013. He eventually got used to it, and made some friends. Swap Force Fan made him an avatar based off his user name. He was only in the Skylanders Sections and Fandom. Gohdan introduced him to S&N.


He is currently a blue Sparx, and is 10 Years Old. He plans to stay on darkSpyro for a while. He is a Gravity Falls and LEGO Movie Fanboy.


  • His Hobbies are Skylanders and Legos.
  • He likes to make Stop-Motion Movies with his Legos.
  • He is considered among many users very mature for his age.
  • He writes a Fan Fiction called "Skylanders Merchandise Store".
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