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Gillgrunt987 discovered darkSpyro after looking for information on how to complete one of the Life Quests for Skylanders Giants. He didn't post for the first few days after joining, but he started to post on the Skylanders Giants forum after browsing the SG forum for a while.

He originally posted exclusively in the Skylanders forums, with his first topic being the Crusher Fan Club thread made during the Fan Club trend of the Skylanders forums. After getting Green Sparx, he continued posting as normal until Dark52 created the Hunter applications, which had over 170 applicants. Gill decided to increase his maturity to increase his chances of being picked for moderator. He was picked for moderator after the application period ended, despite his low gem count and lack of experience.

During his time as moderator, he caused some controversy (e.g Making an alt account, stickying a topic for no reason) and therefore lost trust within users, as well as questioning about his ability to moderate due to his age and lack of experience. He continued to moderate as normal since then until he realised he was incapable of the moderator position. Since then, he has resigned from the moderator position, but has decided to remain an unofficial moderator due to the Fandom sub-forum having no moderators due to SpyroD leaving the site for a while.

Asides from moderating, he has spread out across the forum and posts in almost every area of the forum, with Spyro Games being the only area not posted in. Video Games and Stuff and Nonsense are some of his more-visited areas of the forum. He likes reading, and has several book series which he has enjoyed reading, his favourite being the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. His favourite book overall is "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. He's also a fan of Nintendo and Steam, owning several DS's and the Wii/Wii U. His favourite Steam game is Team Fortress 2, being his most played game out of 21 games owned. He is also present on the website "ROBLOX" often.