Gnarlytreesex was a young user on darkSpyro. He was notable for randomly posting his private information on the forums, thinking that it won't get him in trouble. Doing this irritated other users who were concerned for Gnarly's personal safety, his comments with his private info being repeatedly removed. When he ulimately posted his password on the forums, several users took advantage of this and got into his account, doing actions that included changing his password and forum signature, deleting his avatar gallery, and posing as Gnarly.

When dark52 heard of the incident, he gave a short suspension to the users who logged into Gnarly's account, and Gnarly himself was given a normal suspension. After his suspension, he created a new account under the name of Gnarlytreesnex2 when he couldn't log into his old account. He announced that he has learned his lesson, but still shows some childish tendencies. However, he was quickly gnorc'd the next day for reporting Matteomax 3 times for what he thought was bullying and Britishness. The next day he made a topic about his gnorc being finished. But then jackie_boo PMed him to give him his password and he gave it to him. Jackie_boo went into his account and posted two inappropriate topics and got Gnarlytreesnex2 ripto'd.Gnarly returned on October 10,2015 as H S Bowser. He was shortly banned afterwards.

Now remains Unbanned do to a belief that says no long er banned on DS

Dark52 is hairy

if you think me is banned than your delusional