HotDogAndZap, popularly known as HDAZ, is one of the many active users on DarkSpyro. She first joined on the 26th of January 2013 and is currently a Golden Sparx.



HDAZ is an optimistic girl who usually likes going on DarkSpyro the most time she can. According to her, she loves DarkSpyro because "It can either be really funny, exciting or stupid".

She isn't much of a videogamer because she's usually not allowed to get video games, but she is interested in Pokémon and any cartoon creature games, She only usually plays harmless fun games without blood or gore because she's sensitive to that kind of stuff.

She loves Disney, HTTYD, dragons, and cartoons. She is also a member of the popular Flight Rising Club.


She first made an account just to browse Skylander stuff (hence the username, which she now regrets choosing), and once she became a green sparx, she drifted to other boards as well, and ended up mainly on S&N. A few months after that, she nearly completely lost interest in Skylanders and just stuck to S&N. Lately she's become noticeably inactive, for unknown reasons.


One of HDAZ's avatars


Aaaand another <.<