Ice Dragoness
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Join Date September 12th, 2009
Gender Female

Ice Dragoness first came across darkSpyro when she was searching the internet for anything Spyro-related, she later joined because of love for the frachise. She used obsess over Spyro and wanted to find people to talk to about him with. She stalked the forum for a couple of months, and finally created her own account in 2009. 

Ice Dragoness is a long-time user of the forum, as shown by her Platinum Sparx rank. Being a much more active user of the forum in her earlier years, she now visits occasionally. Ice Dragoness tends restrict her posts to topics that take her interest, living a busy lifestyle out of the forum. 

The announcement of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy has increased her activity on the site as of late. 

Ice Dragoness enjoys visiting Dark Spyro as a short break from her busy life. Mostly enjoying fun topics in Stuff and Nonsense for entertainment and laughs.