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July 13th, 2012

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December 5th

LunarDistortion is a Gold Sparx user who joined July 13th, 2012. He is mainly active in the Video Gaming and S&N boards. Some of his main contributions to the site are multiple "All Purpose" video game topics, he has so far been at the helm of the Amiibo V1 and V2, Metroid, Splatoon, and Smash Bros V2 and V4 topics. He helped TacoMakerSkys out with the Smash Bros 4 V3 as well. He is part of the dS Skype Group.


Lunar came across by a Google search, as he was looking for walkthroughs for Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Upon finding the forum he first snooped around the Skylanders boards for a few weeks, and later came to create his own account. The name LunarDistortion is his username on many sites, and was partially inspired by Pokemon Platinum's Distortion World.

The first topic LunarDistortion posted in was "quagsire fan club". He was a part of the Skylanders boards from his first join date, through the entirety of Skylanders Giants speculation, to the announcement of the third game, Swap Force. After spending time and money getting all 32/32 and 16/16 figures for S:SA and Giants and with Disney Infinity on the horizon, he wanted a break from Skylanders and starting making his move to the Off Topic boards.

LunarDistortion started posting pretty often in the S&N/Idle Chatter boards. By the summer of 2014, Lunar started to get bored of the site and had less and less reason to come back to darkSpyro. He decided to stay after the return of ExtremeSpyro as jackie_boo due to much needed change from monotony. Lunar started posting news in the Smash Bros 4 All Purpose topic and found it fun to help people easily find information about a series he enjoyed. He would go as far into the night as 4 AM to post news about the game as soon as it was released. He ended up being the host of the Smash Bros 4 V2 topic, and made sure to go far with it by adding as much info as possible to it.

By 2015, he had made a Splatoon, two Amiibo topics, and a Metroid topic, as well as helping TacoMakerSkys with updating the current Smash Bros 4 V3. He also started participating in the dS Skype Group during this time. In 2016, he opened the Smash Bros 4 V4 topic and rebranded it to "All Purpose Super Smash Bros topic", losing the Smash 4 exclusiveness to the OP once development on the game ceased and speculation had ended.

Trivia Edit

-Lunar's favorite Nintendo character is Waluigi. Some close contenders are Marie from Splatoon, James from the Pokemon Anime, and King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong Country series.

-Lunar prefers Super Mario Sunshine vastly over Super Mario Galaxy.

-Lunar's all time favorite game is Kid Icarus: Uprising.

-Besides the first 2 Skylanders games, the only Spyro games Lunar has played are The Cortex Conspiracy and Dawn of the Dragon for DS.