Me in a nutshell... part of me at least.

He is a current darkspyro user who also plays minecraft and is obsessed with potatoes. Trird person writing of himself is not his forte, so let's get to better stuff than the basics

History in a nutshellEdit

I've seen the jokes about darkspyro in a nutshell, but this is just my life in a few sentences. Being born July 6th, my parents tested me for a genetic disorder and instead discovered that I had High Functioning Autism. Later I started drawing stick figures (still am) They looked good to me at the time, but looking back now, they looked like a 6 year old drew them (which it was).


a stick figure... sort of. not that good with paint.

Now I create amazing figures in a stick figure shape and also create vide

os on Super Mario Flash.

About the Icon...Edit

ah yes. My icon. Many of you might be wondering, what in sam hill is my icon supposed to be?! Well, it started when I saw this video (well, a few) about a custom kirby character named "Quote."

Quote vs Twist

Quote vs Twist


So, me not knowing how to recreate a kirby, created what today is my sprite. The pencil functions the same way as Quote's paintbrush does. So therefore, in season 9 of survivor, that MrLOL who died as actually just a decoy. Also, he has glasses like I do and is just pretty cool looking
Super Mario Flash SPEEDRUN! Pipe Labyrinth by BMenSD

Super Mario Flash SPEEDRUN! Pipe Labyrinth by BMenSD

One of my vids