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prextail202 is an active user on DarkSpyro. She joined in 2012. She is currently a Yellow Sparx, and is obsessed with Pit from Kid Icarus. Many users suspect she has a crush on him. Then again, its no point in saying she doesn't. Just ask her, she wont deny it. Her hobbies include Gaming, Spriting,Drawing and Role playing. She is learning how to sew and will soon start Cosplay.

She is mostly active in the RP boards and S&N topics. One of the most notable things is her Teen Titans obsession in the past, She was obsessed with the series, and spent 80$ on a Raven figure, it wasn't that big either. She would constantly talk about the series, But that changed one day, that day that changed the world, that day she played that darn Super Smash Bros Brawl...

She instantly fell in love with the game, Playing as Pokemon Trainer quite a few times, that is until she played story mode. That level where you play as Pit changed it all.

She started spamming on how awesome the game was, and occasionally hinting that she liked angel boy. She was later shipped with him on Darkspyro. She doesn't admit it, but we all know she loves him. Her internet is the laggiest thing ever. Her main brawl characters OTHER than Pit are Toon Link,Marth,Ike and Snake.

AS OF 2014 HOWEVER....

Prextail still seems to like the Kid Icarus series A LOT, but she has also become a fan of something else


She loves to read these stories, and even wrote a few for herself. The ones that she wrote are Replaced and Super Smash Hell, both are based on Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Her favorite Creepypastas are Ticci Toby and Lost Silver. It is known that her friends Saital and FluffyHamster also enjoy Creepypastas.

And then there's her new hobby, COSPLAY

She ordered a Ricken cosplay, and is still waiting for it to come. She plans to make her own cosplay in the future, but for now its just ordering cosplays and then make them when she learns how to sew.


Prextail's lucky number is 13

She is Canadian

In the winter time, it snows so much in the village that she lives in, they have to use Ski-doos to travel

She has a pet cockatiel named Samantha, a very fat dog called Sunflower, A rabbit called Carrot and 3 chickens

Her favorite color is blue

She has no brothers or sisters