Purple n Spyro
Purple n Spyro
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Join Date March 3rd, 2011
Gender Female
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Purple n Spyro joined darkSpyro because of her love for the Spyro franchise. She came across the site in 2010 by a Google search, and lurked darkSpyro once a month before eventually, on 03/03/2011, creating her own account.

At first Purple n Spyro was very hateful towards Skylanders, and paid no attention to grammar, spelling, and proper punctuation herself. After first leaving for three months, she came back and had matured drastically, also having learned proper grammar.

Later on she got fed up with all the drama going on in darkSpyro, and claimed that she'd leave the forum until it blew over. She remained absent for a grand total of 17 hours and, upon finding that the drama was indeed gone, decided to stay again. Currently she finds herself thinking that she may have overreacted a bit. Purple n Spyro thinks darkSpyro is a nice, "sort of organized" site. She states that it could be better, as she prefers the older layout. She also finds the community okay, save for few unnamed users that "tick her off".

Purple n Spyro was ripto'd due to personal problems, causing her to leave most of the internet. She is still, however, active on her website and deviantART.