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Footage of Samius in the mental ward

User ID 2593
Join Date 08/01/2009
Gender Male
Birthday January 19th, 1993
Stuff and Nonsense

Samius first discovered darkSpyro in 08/01/2009 by a google search. He was originally looking for information regarding the main characters of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, since he knew very little about franchise before joining the forum. To this day, Dawn of the Dragon is the only Spyro game he has played.

The day Samius reached the rank of Green Sparx he started his own fanfic, a series which is still ongoing. Since then he has loosely hanged on to the Fandom board, keeping his story alive and occasionally posting fan-art of his own making. He has also tried various forum roleplays. Currently you can see his posts mostly on Stuff and Nonsense and the Idle Chatter boards.

As an old, experienced user Samius is well respected on the forum, but has also earned himself disdain for his tendency to try to enforce the forum rules and "teach" other people whenever he personally sees fit. In his own words he always strives to be a good role-model for younger people on the site.

Samius thoroughly enjoys DarkSpyro and thinks that it’s a great forum. The walkthroughs have helped him greatly with what little Spyro Games he has played. He shares the feeling that the darkSpyro community is somewhat of an "online family", and he is personally very fond of it. He wishes that more people could see the Forum the way he does.

When asked “What have you done in darkSpyro that you never expected to do?”, Samius replied with the following:

  • “There's a lot of things. For one I've posted shirtless pictures of myself on this forum. The first time was for losing a bet, and the second time I was asked to do it. It was always a joke for me though, and I don't know why anybody whould take it seriously.'” 

Personal Information and facts Edit

Samius is often described by other users with the words: calm, quiet, kind, serious, sensible and smart. He himself finds that he sometimes boasts unnecessary feelings of self-importance, but can also suffer from a lack of confidence at times.

According to a Myers Briggs personality test, Samius is an ISTP-type personality with only a marginal difference between his "Sensing" and "Intuition" functions, meaning that he might just as well be an INTP-type personality.

Samius enjoys debating and refrains himself from making judgements based on his feelings. He always tries his best to remain objective and logical, even if his own personal values often affect his standing in arguments.

Samius is a Science-fiction fan, and greatly enjoys playing videogames (mainly FPS's). His favorite video game series is Halo. He likes just about any kind of music, save for hip-hop, rap and pop, but prefers to listen to metal (the heavier the better).

Samius's military rank in the Finnish Defence Forces is Corporal, or "Junior Sergeant".

Samius's voice can be heard in a SoundCloud recording he keeps posted on his questbook.