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Sesshomaru75 (Often referred to simply as "Sess") is an Emerald Sparx, and a long time user on DarkSpyro, having been active for five years as of January 22nd, 2017.

He originally joined the forums in 2007, but didn't post much, and soon after abandoned the account before subsequently returning in 2011 under the username SpyroVSGanon100, the latter of which was eventually suspended and then banned.

He is also the founder of the original DS Skype group, having created it in late 2011 for himself and a couple of friends from the site, with one of the most notable members being CAV.

As "Ganon" Edit

"Ganon", as he was referred to back then (And still to this day by those in the DS Skype group), joined on April 20th, 2011. He was known for constantly getting into several arguments with various users, such as Observer and Torok, about multiple subjects, including religion. He frequently spammed Stuff & Nonsense, posting numerous memes. At one point he claimed to have over two hundred moderated messages due to his spamming and overly aggressive posts.

Eventually he made a puppet alt account under the username GanonReborn100, under the guise of it being his "twin brother". This account was banned shortly afterwards for being an alt. (Obviously :P) Later on, Ganon began posting a meme with an anteater that said "Fuck you I'm an anteater!". This eventually got him suspended, for not only was he spamming it in several topics in numerous boards, but the swear was also uncensored.

Shortly after being unsuspended, Ganon continued his misconduct and was finally banned on July 1st, 2011, not to return until early 2012. (Approximately a little over half a year later)

As "Sess" (W.I.P) Edit


Skype Group (W.I.P) Edit

Sess created the original DS Skype group back in late 2011 shortly before or after being banned. This group consisted mostly of friends, such as the no-longer-active users Shibaru and Xalainu, and more notably active users such as Carmelita Fox and CAV.

The original group was short lived, however, as he and CAV got into a major argument due to Sess' massively inflated ego, which resulted in him kicking CAV out of frustration. This led to CAV creating a new group, which most people in Sess' group migrated to shortly afterwards, abandoning the original group entirely.

Being the creator of the original group, Sess is one of the oldest active members in the Skype group's history, examples of others being users such as Carmelita Fox, CAV, Semp123, and TheFlyingSeal.