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Spyroboy was a Emerald Sparx ranked user who spent his time in Stuff and Nonsense.


Spyroboy first came across darkSpyro in mid-2007 while looking for pictures of The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night. He occassionally posted as a fodder using the same username and eventually decided to join after approximately 5 months. He was very active at first and would post in all of the forums, excluding the mobile games, but after about 2 years of being constantly active he began working full time at his job he started at Wendy's on July 17th, 2007 where he is still currently employed.

Spyroboy rarely posts anything and it is often immature or trolling when he does, but he does log in almost daily to see what is going on. He doesn't have many friends on the site as he never bothered to get to know the new users. He strongly dislikes Skylanders. He is not very well liked in the forum and mostly sticks to the Stuff and Nonsense section of the site.

Spyroboy posted in the Leaving and Returning thread on April 11, 2014. He said he is leaving the site.


He is a third year university student studying Computer Science and spends most of his time watching Anime, Skyping with friends and going on random websites. His favorite things to eat are tacos or anything spicy..