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StriderSwag, commonly known as Greeny, has been an on and off member since November 2011.


StriderSwag was born in Iraqi Kurdistan, during a violent guerrilla conflict between the Kurds and the Iraqi regime, surrounded by gunfire, sirens, and screams. She was constantly being hunted and always had to move from one shelter to another on a regular basis hiding from the regime. When she would wake up from sleep, she would often find one of her friends or family dead beside her, and prayed that she would make it through each day. The international community did nothing to help her or stop the fighting, which made her hate the political world.

Greeny was rescued from her harsh upbringing by BigBoom, who raised her to be a soldier. She eventually came to look up to BigBoom, whom she called "Saladin." Greeny also trained under the Gurkhas of Nepal, regarded as the world's finest marksmen. Specializing as a lone sniper, she felt that she could watch and wait, and see war from the outside rather than from the inside. After the presumed death of BigBoom, Greeny was later recruited into FOXHOUND, to get her revenge on the world.