Trix Master 100
Trix Master 100
User ID 9699
Join Date February 1st, 2012
Gender Female
Birthday September 30th, 1997

Trix Master 100 first found darkSpyro while browsing on Google. She joined the forum because she wanted to figure out the best plan to get Skylanders and talk about other Spyro games.

Ever since Trix Master 100 made an account on darkSpyro, she was so stoked that she began talking to people. She finds that in her past she acted a little rude to some of the older users of the forum. As time went on, she got more used to the general behavior of people online, and learned a good deal about the way darkSpyro forums worked. Trix Master 100 did eventually apologize for her earlier rude behavior.

Trix Master 100 closest online friends were Kirby_rules, Espiodudeful7, and Deebish70. She was mostly active in forms of role-playing, making fanfics, etc. Eventually Trix Master 100 noticed that her closest friends on the forum started to log in less, and that some had left the forum for good.

Later on she told her older brother, Pixilism, about darkSpyro, which resulted in her brother making an account of his own. After this her mother made Trix Master 100’s little sister an account as well. Trix Master 100 and Pixilism did not approve of the idea, and later on got rid of their little sister’s account.

Trix Master 100 has berated a good few topics about her feelings on certain things, such as lectures, Furry hate, and re-colored art. She also claims that she’ll do anything to protect her friends.

Trix Master 100 believes that darkSpyro is a good place to get advice on games, life, etc. She also finds it a good place to simply have a little fun.