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Join Date 15/10/2012
Gender Male
Birthday March 6th

Vincentkoopa came across darkSpyro when he became obsessed with dragons, playing Spyro games and surfing the web. He believes he joined darkSpyro for Spyro, Role Playing and Stuff and Nonsense.


When Vincentkoopa first joined darkSpyro he was nervous about making a topic or posting. Eventually, he got into the mood for roleplaying and, later on, decided to start posting in the Stuff and Nonsense board. He slowly started making new friends and also started posting in General, Fandom and Non-Spyro boards. He never expected to become active in Stuff and Nonsense at all, since he believed that he would have gotten hateful messages from other users.

Vincentkoopa finds darkSpyro to be a great forum. At first, he found the admin's inactivity out of place, but currently he finds the forums lively and fun. He has also expressed his approval for the fact that dark52 is currently taking some form of action regarding the forum.