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Join Date September 6, 2009
Gender Female
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“I never expected to have such wonderful people! I literally love them to death. Without this site, I would probably be a lonely clueless ****.”~Wakapro77

Wakapro77 first heard about darkSpyro while lurking on Spyro Forums. On 06/09/2009, she created her own darkSpyro account.

When she first joined, Wakapro77 behaved as a silly user and made vast quantities of humorous posts that some users got a kick out of. As she grew onto the site, she became more close to users and opened to what she loves being, a poetic, artistic and a very loving user. She soon joined the Skype Group and met a load of new friends. Usually when she argued, it was alongside many other users. Wakapro77 finds herself to be the jester of darkSpyro (despite not being funny at all) She hopes to make everyone happy and keep them that way.

She finds darkSpyro to be “supersonic”, but shares the opinion that it needs moderators.